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After the most recent Hurricane of Katrina and Rita on the Gulf Coast numerous Americans are asking themselves; “where is the most secure city in the United States?” Indeed this is a decent question; where is the most secure city in the United States at any rate? Well, we are really sure it would not be along the Gulf Coast or in the State of Florida. At that point we know it would not be in a city that the International Terrorists may assault, for example, a Columbus Ohio or Indianapolis Indiana.


Give us a chance to consider climate patterns for both Hurricanes and the potential atomic aftermath. Keep in mind climate designs begin in the West or North West and move the check this article nation over and change consistently, however dependably generally blow from East to West. Hardwood flooring companies in the Ohio area.. So on the off chance that you live East of the West Coast, you could be stuck in an unfortunate situation if a Western city, for example, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Columbus, Indianapolis. Portland or Seattle gets nuked. At that point, we should consider the Fires, which are exacerbated by high winds and warmth in the West. Fires have been a noteworthy issue in the West close mountains or dry fields. At that point, there are the East Winds in CA, Indianapolis, which are known as the Santa Ana Winds, which are hot, quick moving and dry, the most exceedingly check this article awful conceivable conditions for flames. As we see like clockwork in the Southern CA mountains. Most secure city in the United States? Well give us a chance to see our different decisions.

So then maybe you may wish to live on the West Coast, genuinely great climate all year and the wind blows the other way. Be that as it may, you would need to live a long way from any real city on the West Coast, so maybe North California, Southern Oregon or Olympia Peninsula West of Seattle?

Well I would rather not break it to you yet there are these occasions call Earthquakes and those territories can be inclined to them as history has appeared and fires also once you move beyond around 30 miles from indiana the beach front ranges. Gracious and overlook Alaska for Earthquakes and climate. In the event that you like Hawaii, bear in mind that it sits on a Volcano. Guam has Typhoons, Puerto Rico Hurricane, so those domains are not all that good either. Truth be told in the event that you are truly legit about it enormous rapidly spreading fire states incorporate each state from Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico going west to the Pacific Ocean. So we should simply overlook all states West in our Study, as they are not the Safest places in the United States

Back to the International Terrorist issues, we know they would love to get any real city on the Eastern Seaboard Metro Plex from Boston to DC to Columbus OH, which restrains our decisions in NJ, CT, RI, NYC, MD, and Virginia. Well, where is the most secure place in the United States to live? All things considered, perhaps this is the reason we require a Lunar Colony. That might be the Safest city in the United States. Regardless we have our banner there on the moon. Consider it.